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Smt. Rhoda Bharucha

Hon. Director, ADINET

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Lighting the Lamp @ Librarians Day 2014
Dignitaries on Dias @ Librarians Day 2014
Welcome Address by Chief Guest Dr. Hemant Trivedi
Seminar Delegates @ Librarians Day 2014
Book Exhibition @ Librarians Day 2014
Seminar Delegatesat Librarians Day 2014

Welcome to ADINET

Libraries are slowly turning into an information exchange hub of an organization, rather than earlier role of a "store house" of knowledge. Knowledge stored in the form of invaluable books, journals, other information materials and the latest e-resources is showcased in the library for its users. Boundaries of the libraries are expanding beyond four walls and library professionals are gearing up to take up the challenge of using it in disseminating authentic, latest and right kind of information to users.

With the rapidly growing advancements in every field, more and more documents are becoming available the world over, in both printed and electronic format. no library can afford to stock every necessary document in the area of its users' interests, but it certainly can provide a 'link' to the user to locate desired information. Networking and resource sharing thus assumes a great importance at this juncture and such a solution is being effectively provided by ADINET to the users and librarians specializing in any discipline of knowledge and available anywhere in the world.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. - Benjamin Franklin