Smt. Rhoda Bharucha

Hon. Director, ADINET

ADINET at a Glance

  • Libraries in Gujarat : 2079
  • Newsletters Published : 32
  • CUCOLIS Published : 47
  • Book of Papers Published : 22
  • Events : 38
  • Lectures : 47
  • Quarterly Seminars : 9
  • Seminars : 29
  • Publications : 28


  • Covers content pages of 100 LIS Journals
  • Subscription of 100 Journals is over 60 lakhs
  • Save time, money & energy in searching for information
  • Receive full text of few articles
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Become ADINET Ambassadors

ADINET welcomes all interested L.I.S. Professionals to become Ambassadors for ADINET.

As 'ADINET Ambassador' you will speak about ADINET on formal and informal platforms to popularize it.

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Membership For Publisher


  • ADINET is a Network of about 2000 libraries in Gujarat. It caters to all types of Libraries: school, college, universities, institutional libraries & even public libraries. Hence, access is provided to hundreds of libraries, librarians & organizations through the ADINET Network.
  • Joining with ADINET will give you access to 2000 libraries and its professionals in Gujarat and Pan-India.
  • Get CIP (Cataloguing - In-Publication) data according to the International standard.
  • Get MARC Record of the books in ISO 2709 format that can be used in any library management software that supports international standard ISO 2709 format for data exchange. MARC Record helps publishers to develop their "Ready Catalogue" of their publications. This will be a benefiting as it will provide value added services to your customers.
  • Today libraries prefer to order titles that follow international standards having CIP data printed on them along with the bibliographic records in the MARC format. It is now compulsory for the publishers to provide MARC Record to the library with the sale of the book.
  • CIP and MARC Record service to the library helps publishers in increasing the sale of its publication and helps publishers in identifying, sorting and taking a print of the books on major and minor subject.
  • MARC Record helps publishers in inventory of the sale of the books and its collection.
  • ADINET and its associates will have tie-up with online book sellers for selling of print books of the publishers.
  • ADINET may assist publisher in obtaining the ISBN (International Standards Book Number) from the ISBN Agency.
  • Publisher can have an agreement with the ADINET and its associate for converting their print collection into e-books.
  • The publishers may get exposure at national and international domain. ADINET will conduct annually an e-exhibition of all books published by publishers who are ADINET members.
  • It is an expensive for the publisher to hire expert cataloguer, therefore joining hands with the ADINET and its associate for the initiative will be a win-win situation for both.

Membership Charges

  • Publishers publishing titles less than 200 in a year - Rs. 5000=00 per annum
  • Publishers publishing titles more than 200 in a year - Rs. 10000=00 per annum

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