Smt. Rhoda Bharucha

Hon. Director, ADINET

ADINET at a Glance

  • Libraries in Gujarat : 2079
  • Newsletters Published : 32
  • CUCOLIS Published : 47
  • Book of Papers Published : 22
  • Events : 38
  • Lectures : 47
  • Quarterly Seminars : 9
  • Seminars : 29
  • Publications : 28


  • Covers content pages of 100 LIS Journals
  • Subscription of 100 Journals is over 60 lakhs
  • Save time, money & energy in searching for information
  • Receive full text of few articles
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Become ADINET Ambassadors

ADINET welcomes all interested L.I.S. Professionals to become Ambassadors for ADINET.

As 'ADINET Ambassador' you will speak about ADINET on formal and informal platforms to popularize it.

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All Institutions, Corporate Houses, Booksellers, Libraries and Information Centres, Individual Library Professionals and Students are invited to become member of ADINET and Avail Professional Services.

Details of Membership Fees are as under :

Membership Type Membership Fees
Institutional Membership [Annual] Rs. 10,000/-
Associate Institutional Membership {Colleges} [Annual] Rs. 5,000/-

Individual Life Membership Rs. 2,000/-

For More Information Please Contact : Smt. Rhoda Bharucha, Hon. Director, ADINET

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