Smt. Rhoda Bharucha

Hon. Director, ADINET

ADINET at a Glance

  • Libraries in Gujarat : 2079
  • Newsletters Published : 32
  • CUCOLIS Published : 47
  • Book of Papers Published : 22
  • Events : 38
  • Lectures : 47
  • Quarterly Seminars : 9
  • Seminars : 29
  • Publications : 28


  • Covers content pages of 100 LIS Journals
  • Subscription of 100 Journals is over 60 lakhs
  • Save time, money & energy in searching for information
  • Receive full text of few articles
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Become ADINET Ambassadors

ADINET welcomes all interested L.I.S. Professionals to become Ambassadors for ADINET.

As 'ADINET Ambassador' you will speak about ADINET on formal and informal platforms to popularize it.

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Individual Membership


  • "One of the best ways to boost your career is to get involved with a professional organization". It broadens your horizons.
  • Join & interact with your colleagues in the information profession, all over Gujarat by becoming a member of ADINET. One of the key benefits of memberships is networking with other members.
  • Membership will enable LIS Professionals to access the valuable products & services, which have been designed to enhance your career & benefit your library & thereby the whole profession.
  • ADINET offers a wide array of professional development opportunities, including online education programs (open source web-based courseware). This will provide continuing education & skills building; which will help to sharpen your professional skills, throughout your career.
  • Opportunities are also provided to improve skill & enhance knowledge through short term courses, workshops & the annual Librarians Day Seminar. Discount on registration fees is given to members.
  • ADINET also provides Library Consultancy Services like creation of Website, Institutional Repositories, etc. This will be of great help to get your job done.
  • The monthly ADINET e-News Digest provides valuable LIS information, this enables them to keep abreast of various new developments.
  • Inter-Library Loan/Document Delivery services is provided by ADINET enables a user to find/ locate periodicals/books/reports etc. Books, Reports, Theses and even non-book material such as audio-video material can then be borrowed on inter-library loan basis.
  • Photocopy service from journals received by libraries in and around Ahmedabad is provided on request.
  • ADINET Quarterly Seminars are held for Library & Information Science Professionals in various colleges & organisations.All ADINET Members are invited for these Quarterly Seminars.
  • Free Listing of Qualified Librarians on ADINET website:- All qualified librarians working in libraries of Gujarat are invited to send their name, office address, designation, telephone numbers (mobile and landline), and e-mail address. Please send required information only through e-mail to ADINET. (  

ADINET Website - The following useful information is available on the website:-

  • Directory of Libraries & Information Centers - more than 2000 in Gujarat
  • Union List of 5540 Journal Titles
  • Directory of Librarians
  • Open Access Resources
  • CUCOLIS(Current Contents of over 100 LIS journals are covered. Subscription cost is more than sixty lakh rupees.)  

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